an inspiring story of hard work

Alex is currently 20 years old and comes from Alba county, România. Since high school, he asserted himself in the music industry through his first remixes and original songs, the most popular being the remix for "Masked Wolf – Astronaut in the ocean”, which recently surpassed 180 million views online. This trended on YouTube in several countries in Central Asia and the Middle East.

After the enormous success gained from the remixes of international songs, he started to collaborate with Romanian and Turkish labels, remixing songs for the most significant artists such as Florian Rus, Misha Miller, Iuliana Beregoi, Irina Rimes, Alina Eremia, Mira, AMI, Holy Molly, Tzancă Uraganul, Mario Fresh, Inna, Uzi, Sefo, etc. In addition, he participated in numerous music competitions, including a contest organized by the Dutch label "Spinnin Records", where he ranked 37th with the remix of the song "Afrojack - All night".

Moreover, he is the owner of a successful event company operating in România and the Netherlands.

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